Flat Roofs


Flat roofs are an excellent alternative to the traditional sloped roof. These flat roofs still provide resistance to wind and severe weather, but do not feature a water shedding system due to the very low slope. Typically, these have less than a 3” pitch, but can still handle standing water for short periods of time until the water evaporates, which makes them best for more arid climates and regions. Roofing PD offers a flat roof installation and repair service that delivers exceptional quality work and customer service.

We provide single-ply membrane options that are designed to be installed in one single layer or piece. This design allows for easy installation of large areas on your roof. Single-ply roofs exhibit great flexibility and are resistant to UV rays and acid rain. The main types of single-ply roofs we install are:

Flat roofs can be used on a variety of buildings including: houses or apartments, hotels, malls, stores, high rise offices, and more. They do, however, require knowledge and skill to install since the materials are all vastly different to work with. Our crew at Roofing PD has the expertise and experience to install flat roofs on any type of building, whether it be for your home or business.

We have a variety of single-ply membrane roofing available to you for all of your roofing projects. To receive a free estimate on a flat roof, call or contact our professional roofers today.

“Patrick and his team took care of my house super fast. We had a tree fall on the roof and they came out within a few hours to tarp it. One week later they came in and replaced six of the trusses and replaced the entire roof. Finished it in 10 hours. Looks perfect. Stand up company that you can trust.”

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