Tapered Insulation

For low-slope roofing systems, ponding water is a common disadvantage. Although there are many benefits, flat roofs cannot properly drain water, and rely on evaporation to get rid of the moisture. Our experts install tapered insulation on your low-flow roof to quickly and efficiently drain standing water.

Tapered insulation is made from molded polystyrene and is designed to create positive drainage from your flat roof to the ground. Other benefits of tapered insulation include:

  • High thermal efficiency
  • Extended longevity of your roofing system
  • Can be installed with asphalt, fasteners, or loose-laid in a ballasted system
  • And more

If you have a low-flow system or are having problems with drainage from your roof, Roofing PD has the expertise and skills to professionally and correctly install a tapered insulation system. We have the highest quality products and equipment to take care of your ponding water in an economical manner.

Do not let standing water ruin your current roofing system; contact one of our experts today to schedule a tapered insulation installation appointment.

“Patrick and his team took care of my house super fast. We had a tree fall on the roof and they came out within a few hours to tarp it. One week later they came in and replaced six of the trusses and replaced the entire roof. Finished it in 10 hours. Looks perfect. Stand up company that you can trust.”

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