Exterior Trim Repairs

Maintaining your roof is critical to prevent against damage of any kind. What often gets overlooked, however, is the trim that surrounds the roof or other exterior parts of the home. This trimming is often damaged by wind, ice, and snow storms, causing a multitude of problems. Our roofers are experienced in repairing all types of trim including fascia and soffit.

Fascia Repair

Fascia is the finishing edge that’s connected to your rafters, which typically hold up your gutters. Because fascia board is usually covered in aluminum or steel, fascia adds extra support and curb appeal to your home. Fascia boards can become easily damaged with harsh weather conditions, which is why our professionals install and perform exterior trim repairs on fascia so that your home stays protected.

Soffit Repair

The exposed siding underneath your roof overhang is the soffit. The purpose of the soffit is to provide adequate ventilation between your roof and your attic. If your attic is not properly ventilated, moisture and hot air can accumulate, causing mold. Your soffit also provides a barrier from small animals and insects getting inside your home, which can do further internal damage.

Both fascia and soffit provide support and protection for your roof, which is why they should not be disregarded. If you notice a crack, hole, or other damage to your fascia or soffit, Roofing PD is experienced in repairing your trim, and our licensed professionals will have your trim back to normal in no time.

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