Hardie Board

James Hardie fiber cement siding offers increased durability and aesthetics, and is a cost-effective option for many modern or older homes. This siding, which consists of a mixture of wood pulp and portland cement, can withstand even the harshest wind, rain, and temperatures. At Roofing PD, we provide expert Hardie Board installation to your home or business for the ultimate protection and design.

What Is Hardie Board?

James Hardie is the #1 siding manufacturer in America due to its commitment to delivering quality products. Hardie Board, the fiber cement siding made by James Hardie, can often mimic natural or cedar shake wood without the maintenance and upkeep of real cedar. This allows for numerous design options for your home or commercial property.

Because James Hardie provides superior durability and custom design opportunities with all of its products, Hardie Board comes standard with a lifetime warranty so that your home remains protected and looking its best. Roofing PD believes in the power of high quality, superior products, which is why our skilled experts complement them with only the highest quality service.

There are many styles, colors, and types of Hardie Board to match any aesthetic or project. If you’re unsure which style to choose, our experts can help you find the perfect fit for your home or business.

Stand out in your neighborhood and protect your home from the harshest outside elements. Contact us today for more information on the types of Hardie Board we professionally install.

“Patrick and his team took care of my house super fast. We had a tree fall on the roof and they came out within a few hours to tarp it. One week later they came in and replaced six of the trusses and replaced the entire roof. Finished it in 10 hours. Looks perfect. Stand up company that you can trust.”

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